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Individual complex training with an instructor

Procedure goal

In order to maintain physical fitness, as well as to improve the effectiveness of the clinic's programs, patients can attend individual complex training sessions with an instructor. After a physiotherapy doctor consultation, a program is designed based on the patient expectations.

The clinic's gym is equipped with cutting-edge equipment for training and rehabilitation programs. In the hall there are simulators for strength, cardio, functional, and static-dynamic loads.

Every training sessions employs all the gym's facilities. Individually selected, the program includes exercising on biofeedback unstable platform Huber 360, Redcord rehabilitation system, Blackroll myofascial release, and training on Technogym machines. Training sessions vary and include necessary exercises depending on the therapy exercise doctor's recommendations, as well as the patient's athletic performance and preferences.


  • Improving stamina and strength;
  • Preventing chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Improving stress resistance;
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory system pathology, diabetes;
  • Prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal system disorders;
  • Post-injury recovery;
  • Slowing down the aging process;
  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • Overweight and obesity;
  • Body and silhouette correction;
  • Metabolic disorders.


  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • Severe pain syndrome;
  • External or internal bleeding, or threat of occurrence thereof;
  • Thrombosis;
  • Embolism;
  • High body temperature of any nature;
  • Arterial hypertension (with values over 200/120 mm Hg);
  • Malignant neoplasms.


Duration: 50 minutes.
Frequency: individual.


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