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GDV diagnostics

Procedure goal

GDV—gas-discharge visualization—is an electrographic method that consists in computer registration and analysis of the glow induced by objects (also biological) when they are stimulated by an electromagnetic field with amplification in a gas discharge.

The parameters of the gas-discharge image depend on the properties of the object under study, and thus, by analyzing the nature of the glow induced by the objects, it becomes possible to judge the energy state of the object at a particular moment. The method is based on the Kirlian effect ("high frequency photography").

The term "Kirlian effect" means visual observation or registration, on the photographic material, of the glow of a gas discharge that occurs near the surface of the object under study when the latter is placed in a high-intensity electric field.

In simple terms, we can say that GDV shows the human biofield. Even minor disturbances in the body are reflected in the GDV-image, which suggests even the initial stage of any disease in the area of the body where the GDV-image is impaired. Not only does GDV diagnostics allow to assume the presence of diseases, but it also helps identify risk areas, as well as prevent the development of the disease.

The GDV-image is recorded from the fingertips of the examinee. As a result of software processing of GDV-images after filtering and cleaning, the image parameters are calculated.

The method was certified and tested in the leading research institutes of the country.

Advantages of the GDV method:

  • Obtaining quantitative information about the level of energy homeostasis of the body as a whole and individual functional systems;
  • Monitoring of individual reactions to the effects of procedures /, allopathic and homeopathic medicinal products, weak information impact;
  • Tracking the development of processes over time; comparing and collating the structural, functional, and temporal processes in the body;
  • Objectivity of information—independence from the experience of a particular user;
  • Non-invasiveness, safety, and complete sterility;
  • Methodical simplicity and convenience: no special requirements regarding the premises, environmental conditions, performer's qualification.


GDV provides valuable diagnostic information on the functional state of patients; allows to monitor their condition.

  • Screening examinations of risk groups (for example, persons with food and drug sensitization, atopics with diseases of the digestive system, skin) for the purposes of timely and controlled primary prevention of bronchial asthma;
  • Monitoring of effective correction of the interaction of functional systems of the body in the course of treatment and rehabilitation;
  • Prevention of side effects of various types of therapy;
  • Determination of additional indications for allopathic, non-drug and homeopathic methods of treatment and objectification of their action.


  • Acute myocardial infarction;
  • Implanted pacemaker.


The session takes 15 minutes.


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