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We developed a multifunctional, flexible nutrition plan that has a powerful therapeutic, preventive, anti-aging effect.

The diet is inspired by many years of experience in nutritiology, dietetics, anti-aging medicine, and cooking.

Our nutrition plan includes:
- elements of detoxification (gastrointestinal tract cleansing, interstitium alkalinization, etc.)
- exclusion of allergens (e.g., gluten, lactose)
- exclusion of salt, sugar (keeping the flavor strong and vivid)
- proper heat treatment of food with maximum preservation of nutrients in an easily digestible form
- replenishment of micro and macronutrients (in particular, essential amino acids, which are precursors of neurotransmitters, also vitamins, minerals, mono-, polyunsaturated fatty acids, etc.), fiber
- qualitative, quantitative, enzymatic adequacy of nutrition, as well as healthy food distribution throughout the day
- cultivation of healthy eating habits

Our nutrition is based on the use of natural, quality, local, and fresh products.

Leonid Sergeevich Shemyakin




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