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Transcranial micropolarization

Procedure goal

The procedure allows to alter the functioning of groups of neurons associated with various types of physical or mental activity. In Russia, this method is called transcranial micropolarization. The term was coined by a well-known neurophysiologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor N.P. Bekhtereva. In English-speaking countries, this method is called transcranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS for short.

There are various options for transcranial micropolarization devices, from professional medical devices to privately-developed headsets that resemble headphones. In the professional version, electrodes are applied to the patient's scalp and a special program is initialized.

The current directionally changes the functional state of neurons in various parts of the brain and improves the interaction between them, thus contributing to the restoration of their activity. The current of about 1 mA is comparable to the physiological electrical processes in the brain and does not cause overstimulation. As a result, the interaction between adjacent and distant brain structures (for example, different lobes) is improved. This results in improved compensatory capabilities and restoration of impaired or lost functions of the central nervous system.

Procedure effect

  • Prevention of age-related changes in the brain;
  • Improvement of the psycho-emotional state: better mood, lower anxiety and dysphoria;
  • Enhanced stress resistance, post-stress recovery;
  • Restoration of brain resources in case of the chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Better sleep;
  • Lower impulsivity, irritability;
  • Healthier memory and attention;
  • Better performance and efficiency;
  • Enhanced learning abilities;
  • Tolerance to physical and psycho-emotional stress, increase in stress resistance;


  • Preventive and therapeutic measures in case of age-related changes in the brain;
  • Depressive, anxious states;
  • Reducion of resistance to stress, for recovery from stressful situations;
  • In the complex therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Sleep disorders of various etiologies;
  • Decreased memory and attention in various diseases;
  • Organic damage to the central nervous system in the residual stage of the disease;
  • Consequences of craniocerebral trauma and vascular diseases of the brain;
  • Consequences of neuroinfectious diseases of the brain;
  • Delays in neuropsychic development (motor and sensory alalia, aphasia) and learning difficulties;
  • Disorders of speech development in children;
  • Psychoemotional and neurotic disorders, psychosomatic disorders;
  • Behavioral disorders (hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit disorder, impulsivity, aggressiveness, etc.);
  • Visual impairment (amblyopia, nystagmus, strabismus);
  • Hearing impairment (sensorineural hearing loss);
  • Fears, tics, psychogenic enuresis, encopresis;
  • Athletic performance improvement.


  • Acute infectious diseases occurring with an increase in body temperature;
  • Malignant brain tumors;
  • Foreign bodies in the skull;
  • Severe cardiovascular disease;
  • Broken integrity of the scalp;
  • Pigment spots, rash, tumor-like neoplasms in the area of electrode application;
  • Systemic connective tissue diseases;
  • Individual hypersensitivity to electric current.


Duration: 20-40 minutes.
Frequency: individual.


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