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Personalized neurofeedback training

Procedure goal

At the diagnostic stage, a powerful electroencephalograph and sensors are used to record the electrical activity of the brain and read brain activity patterns (amplitude, power, coherence of brain rhythms, etc.). A complex of neurophysiological examination parameters help define the patient's status (tired, irritated, whether they are prone to fast recovery). In fact, the specialist sees the functional disorders that the patient currently has and draws up an individual training or correction program. How? This therapy is based on the well-known principle of biofeedback. The patient interacts with the neurofeedback complex in a game: electroencephalograms change as the patient undergoes the individual program. Regular repetitions help solidify the skill, and the patient will be able to achieve the desired state—for instance, focus better or relax. State-of-the-art computer technologies made it possible to bring neurocontrol programs into the category of highly effective MindFitness trainings or neurofeedback trainings, with the help of which one can change the functional state of the brain; develop attention, speed of reaction, decision-making, and creativity; achieve deep relaxation; or focus on a specific task. Low-frequency neurofeedback is a special type of neurofeedback training. Training goes at very low brain wave frequencies (less than 5 Hz). In this way, we gain access to the basic cortical rhythms of the brain, which underlie higher brain functions. It can be compared to the surface of the sea and the seabed. Small displacements of the earth's crust on the seabed may ignite a large wave. Also, during trainings at very low frequencies, brain starts to function in a different way at higher frequencies.

Procedure effect

  1. reduction of emotional stress and relaxation skills acquisition
  2. emotional background stabilization
  3. reduction of anxiety
  4. enhanced self-control and self-organization
  5. improved stress resistance and productivity
  6. improvement of cognitive functions (memory, attention, thinking)
  7. learning new behavioral strategies
  8. development of creativity potential


  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Emotional burnout syndrome
  • Neurotic disorders
  • Anxiety and phobic disorders
  • Migraines and frequent headaches
  • As part of complex sleep disorder therapy
  • Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
  • Stuttering in children and adults, speech underdevelopment
  • Astheno-depressive and astheno-hypochondriacal syndromes in case of various diseases


  • Age under 5 years old
  • Gross impairments of memory, attention, intelligence
  • Certain types of epilepsy
  • Acute psychotic conditions
  • Somatic and endocrine diseases at the acute stage
  • Personality disorders
  • Acute infectious diseases


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