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Full-scope neurophysiological examination

Procedure goal

Before the primary consult, you will be offered the NeuroSymptom Clinical Questionnaire with a list of complaints and conditions that may disturb you.

You will have an initial consultation with a mind-therapist. A mind therapist is a doctor who is trained in psychotherapy or neurology and neurophysiology. They know how what underlies mental disorders, chronic fatigue, emotional burnout, and other conditions. A mind therapist knows the dynamics of changes in the brain with age and knows how to help your mind stay young longer. The mind therapist will examine, interview, and test the cognitive and emotional areas; clarify information about past stresses and existing diseases. If necessary, the doctor will recommend additional examination methods to firm up the diagnosis. The procedure lasts 60 minutes.

Then you will undergo a study of stress resistance and adaptation potential of the body. The doctor will examine the DC potential of your brain and conduct an HRV analysis (heart rate variability analysis), tell you in detail about the state of your body. The procedure lasts 30 minutes.

Your next procedure will be Functional brain mapping (advanced) This is a quantitative electroencephalographic examination of the brain (quantitative EEG or QEEG), a procedure in which sensors of bioelectrical activity are placed at specific points on the surface of the head. The modern equipment is used to record the bioelectrical activity of the brain.

After that the psychophysiological features of the brain's response are investigated by the method of evoked potentials (ERP). The test allows you to assess the stability of attention, reaction rate, impulse control and a number of other parameters that determine the effectiveness of the brain, the ability to withstand stress and adapt to stressful situations. On average, the procedure lasts 75 minutes.

A secondary consult with the mind therapist takes place two days after the examination. The mind-therapist will analyze the obtained clinical data; results of stress resistance studies; functional brain mapping, and additional studies; and draw up a conclusion. At the second consultation you will receive the results of the examination and a program of individual recovery, learn about the state of adaptive reserves of the brain and the body as a whole. The doctor will help decide on further therapeutic tactics. The procedure takes from 30 minutes.

On the eve of the examination, you'd better sleep well, refrain from alcohol, coffee, and all other stimulators.


  • Chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Emotional burnout syndrome;
  • Prevention of age-related changes in the brain;
  • Sleep disorders of a different nature;
  • Impaired memory and attention;
  • Neurotic disorders;
  • Impaired stress resistance;
  • Decreased performance and productivity;
  • Psychosomatic disorders;
  • Anxiety and depressive disorders, other emotional disorders;
  • Panic attacks;
  • Obsessive-phobic disorders, obsessive states;
  • Behavioral disorders (impulsivity, aggressiveness, etc.);
  • Consequences of craniocerebral trauma, neuroinfections, other organic diseases of the brain.


  • Age under 5 years old;
  • Severe impairments of memory, attention, intelligence;
  • Some types of epilepsy;
  • Acute psychotic conditions;
  • Somatic and endocrine diseases at the acute stage;
  • Acute infectious diseases.


Frequency: individual.


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