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Procedure goal

This examination allows you to find out how much muscle, adipose, and bone tissue is contained in your body in percentage terms, and how quickly metabolic processes flow.

This method is based on studying how the body resistance changes as current passes through various types of tissues.
During the examination, a bioimpedance meter is used: having scanned a body, it determines the body composition in percentage terms.
Bioimpedansometry does not cause pain or discomfort.
To conduct the examination, the patient's height, weight, waist, and hips are measured; after that, the patient lies down on the couch for examination with the Medass machine.
Electrodes connected to the machine are applied to the arms and legs to measure body resistance.
Based on the results, a table of the main indicators is drawn up.


  • Weight watchers
  • Athletes and people often visiting gyms (to determine the optimal physical activity)
  • Dietetics: defining the right weight loss method
  • People suffering from diseases that affect weight and metabolic processes
  • People at risk of bone, muscle, kidney, and endocrine system diseases
  • Patients with hypertension and other ailments that cause the formation of latent edema
  • The procedure helps determine the effectiveness of diuretics and other medicines
  • People who want to perform a checkup


  • Pregnant women (the procedure is useless during the pregnancy period)
  • Hyperthermia, periods, stress (bioimpedance results will be compromised)
  • Patients with pacemakers
  • The impact of electric current may affect the operation of devices and entail severe consequences.

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