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Neuromuscular training on HUBER

Procedure goal

Training on Huber 360 is fundamentally different from training in the gym. It is a highly sensitive biofeedback system that turns training into a game of chance you play with yourself. Your indicators change depending on your efforts and activation of muscles you did not know exist. This fascinates, encourages you to explore and understand your capabilities.

Not only do regular exercises develop physical parameters, but they also contribute to the development of cognitive functions (memory, attention, ability to switch, reaction speed); they help fight stress and enhance the body's adaptive capabilities.

During the exercise, the Dynamic Position Correction system evaluates—and displays—the current position of the center of gravity. Thus, the patient can independently adjust their position on the platform so that the exercise is performed correctly and with the maximum efficiency.

The uniqueness of the Huber 360 system lies is in biofeedback sensors that completely individualize training, contributing to establishment of new correct movement patterns and solidifying them by generating new neural networks. A combination of a rehabilitation approach with a neurophysiological methodology provides quick results and boosts training efficiency.

Procedure effect

  • Facilitates daily activities;
  • Enhances training efficiency;
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases at any age;
  • Helps stabilize blood pressure;
  • Helps control weight and reduces the risk of obesity;
  • Reduces back and joint pain;
  • Improves sleep;
  • Increases resistance to stress;
  • Reduces the risk of depressive and anxiety disorders;
  • Reduces the need for certain medicines.


  • Restricted mobility;
  • Decrease in strength and endurance;
  • Asymmetry of the strength of the left and right halves of the body;
  • Posture disorders;
  • Osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • Rehabilitation after injuries and joint/spine surgery;
  • Preparation for surgical interventions;
  • Postpartum rehabilitation;
  • Overweight and obesity;
  • Correction of problem areas and shaping;
  • Development of cognitive functions (attention, perception, memory, gnosis, and praxis);
  • Rehabilitation after a myocardial infarction.


  • Conditions and diseases in which physical activity is contraindicated;
  • Inadequate response of heart rate and blood pressure to switching from horizontal to vertical position (orthostatic test);
  • Severe impairment of cognitive function where the patient cannot realize the doctor's instructions.


Procedure duration: 60 minutes.
Recommended course: prescribed by the doctor.
Frequency: defined by the doctor.


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