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Procedure goal

Injection method of facelift and correction of age-related changes in the neck, décolleté, hands. An excellent alternative to threadlifting (setting 3-D mesothreads). The procedure involves a minimum number of punctures and operation of an atraumatic cannula. Medicines based on hyaluronic acid are injected according to a special scheme at the interface between the skin and subcutaneous tissue, forming a natural reinforcing frame. Effective rejuvenation and restoration of the contours of the face, neck skin, décolleté and hands.

Bioreinforcement works well with other hardware and injection techniques, providing brilliant results comparable to the effect of more complex interventions.

Bioreinforcement technique.

The procedure is carried out in a course of 1-3 procedures at monthly intervals.One session lasts 40-60 minutes.

The skin in the treated area is cleansed; if necessary, local anesthesia is applied. With the help of atraumatic cannulas or the finest needles, the cosmetologist performs subcutaneous linear injections of the gel according to the designed procedure.The medicine is injected when the cannula or needle is pulled out, resulting in a "thread." Around each "thread", formation of the connective tissue frame begins, providing the effect of reinforcement. During resorption of the gel, hyaluronic acid molecules are released, stimulating the production of collagen fibers, which increase the level of skin moisture. A combination of these processes leads to rejuvenation of the skin, restoration of facial contours, improvement of color, and elimination of skin imperfections.

Procedure effect

  • The contours and features of the face are restored in the area of the cheeks, eyes, corners of the lips, chin line, eyebrows;
  • Dryness and flaking are eliminated;
  • Expression wrinkles are smoothed out, nasolabial folds lose their severity;
  • Skin tone improves; elasticity and moisture increase;
  • A healthy complexion is restored;
  • Skin is smoothed out, post-acne phenomena disappear.


  • Age-related changes in the skin (dryness, flaking, loss of tone and elasticity, flabbiness, deterioration in complexion).
  • Post-acne.
  • Expression wrinkles.
  • Gravitational ptosis.
  • Moderately pronounced nasolabial folds.
  • Lowered corners of the lips, eyebrow tips.


  • Allergy to the materials used.
  • Blood clotting disorder.
  • Inflammatory and infectious skin diseases in the treated area.
  • Tendency to form keloid scars.
  • Severe chronic diseases at the acute stage.
  • Pregnancy, lactation


Procedure duration: 40-60 minutes.
Recommended course: 1-3 procedures.
Frequency: once a month.


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