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Vegetative resonance testing

Procedure goal

Vegetative resonance testing (VRT diagnostics) is one of the methods of electropunctural diagnostics, which is a further development of electropuncture diagnostics using the Voll method. The vegetative resonance test (VRT) was developed in 1978 in Germany by doctor H. Schimmel and is based on the theory of electromagnetic interaction of objects of animate and inanimate nature. Each life form has its own unique frequency spectrum or spectrum of vibrations. Measurements are taken at specific points, and specific resonant frequencies of the shape and amplitude impulses are used for testing.
The method is non-invasive and safe. Does not require direct intervention into the patient's body. Does not use ionizing radiation. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications: for adults and children from 3 years old.

A VRT makes it possible to identify the root cause of the disease; clarify the presence and nature of infections in the body; see all possible functional abnormalities and painful reactions in the tissues of organs (inflammatory, autoimmune, allergic, degenerative); and determine possible ways to eliminate or compensate for these changes.
Compared to other diagnostic methods, VRT is the most accurate diagnostic method (95% accuracy) that comes with a number of advantages:
- safe, comfortable, insightful;
- allows to detect diseases at the early stages;
- allows to choose a strictly individual treatment plan;
- allows to control and correct treatment.

Procedure effect

In practice, a VRT makes it possible to:
1) reveal a hidden foci of inflammation;
2) detect the initial stage of pathology in organs, which cannot be detected by other methods;
3) identify the presence of various infections (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi) and parasites (helminths) and their localization in organs;
4) identify the type of allergens;
5) identify organs with various disorders and select medicines to eliminate them;
6) identify cystic and tumor processes in the body;
7) identify incompatible food products that lead to digestive disorders;
8) reveal the deficiency of vitamins, microelements, hormones, enzymes;
9) assess the adaptive reserves of the body and severity of psychological problems.


The only absolute contraindication for VRT is a pacemaker.


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