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Computer somnography

Procedure goal

High-quality sleep is a guarantee of health, well-being, and personal effectiveness of each person. During sleep, the body is restored hormonally and physically, and emotional stress is reduced. Any impairments should be investigated. For this, we at X-Clinic perform computer somnography.

The service consists of two parts:

  • diagnostic: recording of your sleep using the Watch PAT 200 device. The system records your sleep of one night. You sleep as usual, the device is put on like a wristband, a highly sensitive sensor is placed on the index finger, and a small snoring and body position sensor is attached to the chest.
  • consultations with a doctor, a sleep disorder specialist.

This is a method for diagnosing sleep disorders based on a unique technology based on measuring the tone of blood vessels in the phalanx of a finger using a sensor and an intricate software algorithm. Operation of Watch PAT is based on a one-of-a-kind technique titled PAT (Peripheral Arterial Tone).

Interpretation of these data helps identify and assess the true sleep time, adequacy of sleep phases, and the number of awakenings; presence and intensity of snoring; obstructive sleep apnea syndrome; decrease in saturation (oxygen supply to the body); assess the severity of hypoxia. Moreover, the doctor can see in which position these disorders are more pronounced. Based on the data received, the doctor develops a recovery program; if necessary, selects a treatment program.


  • snoring, stopping breathing during sleep
  • daytime sleepiness
  • insomnia
  • difficulty of falling asleep
  • frequent nocturnal awakenings or early awakenings
  • etc.

Sleep disorders are also closely associated with weight gain and metabolic syndrome; diseases of the cardiovascular system, including arterial hypertension, hormonal disorders in men and women. The brain recovers primarily during sleep. Lack of sleep reduces performance, often accompanied by a decrease in attention and memory.


  • Age under 12 years old
  • Gross impairments of memory, attention, intelligence
  • Acute psychotic conditions
  • Somatic and endocrine diseases at the acute stage
  • Acute infectious diseases

Please note that the sensor is attached to the index finger of the non-dominant hand; there should be no artificial covering on the nail. If necessary, we will be happy to offer you to remove the covering in our beauty salon. Guests who are on clinical programs can undergo the examination during their stay. Outpatient guests can undergo the examination having selected and booked a night at the clinic. We do not carry out examinations at home.


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