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Rejuvenation with Laennek

Procedure goal

Placental product developed in Japan. Produced by hydrolyzate of human placenta. The effectiveness of the product is ensured by its composition: a combination of natural biostimulants, vitamins, 36 cell growth factors, 43 minerals, 4 thousand proteins, 18 amino acids, and hundreds of enzymes.

Laennek is actively used in cosmetology to combat age-related changes and skin diseases. Provides intense hydration and restores skin elasticity. Effective against pigment spots, scars, hair loss, and other negative phenomena.

In addition to cosmetology, the product is used in other fields of medicine. With a host of capabilities, Laennek delivers interconnected results in multiple ways at the same time. For example, a course of injections of the medicine improves the condition of the liver, dysfunctions of which are often the cause of the low effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.

In Russia, the medicine has been successfully used over the past 12 years. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the GMP-standard, a system of rules for the production of medicines, medical equipment, food products and food additives.

Where is Laennek used?

Laennek for the face: Fights with age-related changes in the skin and muscles of the face, pigment spots, manifestations of dermatitis, pimples, acne. Removes the manifestations of herpes.

Laennek for the neck and décolleté area: Restores youthfulness and elasticity to the skin, eliminates sagging, flabbiness. Evens out color, fights pigment spots.

Laennek for the scalp: Stimulates hair growth to help rejuvenate hair follicles. Eliminates dandruff, normalizes the scalp state.

The primary effect can be assessed immediately after the first session; the final effect comes a week after the end of the course of procedures.

Procedure effect

  • Restoration of the muscle tone;
  • Restoration of the structure of the skin, improvement of its firmness, elasticity and color;
  • Removal of pigment spots and dyschromia;
  • Elimination of the "orange peel";
  • Improvement of the immunity and general body condition.


  • Decreased facial muscle tone;
  • Gravitational ptosis (tissue sagging);
  • Chronic herpes;
  • Atopic dermatitis;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Alopecia (baldness);
  • Pigment spots, dyschromia (change of the color of the skin);
  • Age-related changes in the body and face;
  • Cellulite.


  • Childhood;
  • Hypersensitivity to the medicine;
  • Pregnancy, lactation.


Duration of the procedure: 5-10 minutes.
Recommended course: 3-11 sessions, depending on the technique of drug administration.
Frequency: determined by the technique of drug administration.


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