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Mesotherapy in trichology

Procedure goal

Injection method of scalp and hair condition care based on the injections of meso-cocktails—medicines with amino acids, vitamins, zinc, etc. The beneficial effect is secured both by the effect of the injected substances and by the very technique of injection that activates the regenerative processes in the scalp.

The advantages of the procedure are non-surgical handling of trichological problems and high efficiency. With hair loss, mesotherapy is effective for many types of alopecia. However, with atrophied hair follicles and "dead" follicles, positive results are unlikely.

Mesotherapy for hair in X-clinics:

For treatment with mesotherapy, the clinic uses medicine NCTF 135HA, placental medicine Curacen, plasma therapy PRP Endoret.

The patented formula of the mesopreparation contains amino acids, coenzymes, a vitamin complex, and other biocomponents, which slow down and correct skin aging; and restore its balance. The NCTF line (Filorga brand) is a medicinal meso cocktails with different contents of hyaluronic acid.

CuracenThe medicine contains peptides, growth factors, amino acids, and native hyaluronic acid. The action of the medicine is aimed at stimulating the processes of natural regeneration and repair of tissues, slowing down the processes of hair loss and activating dormant hair follicles.

PRP Endoret
Procedure based on the body's own regenerative capabilities. In the process of preparing the medicine, when the patient's own blood is centrifuged, the plasma is separated from the cellular elements, platelets. These blood cells secrete signaling molecules (growth factors) that balance the work of all cells of the skin and its appendages. As a result, dormant hair follicles are activated and active ones are strengthened.

Hair mesotherapy technique

Treatment is carried out in a course. The number of procedures and their frequency are determined by the doctor. On average, one session lasts 40 minutes.

Preparation consists in treating the skin with an antiseptic.

Microdoses of mesotherapeutic products are injected intradermally (into the dermis) to a depth of 0.5-2 mm using thin needles. Only special ultra-thin needles for meso-injections are used: less than 0.3 mm thick and 4 mm long. With each puncture, a small amount of cocktail is injected (less than 0.05 ml).

The injection of medicines with pinpoint accuracy into problem areas ensures treatment effectiveness. Additionally, multiple frequent punctures with a thin needle stimulate regeneration processes. At the injection sites, as a result of needle massage, the growth of collagen and elastin fibers is activated, and blood circulation is improved. This neutralizes negative changes, stimulates metabolism and enhances the effect of meso cocktails.

Medicines for hair mesotherapy are selected individually, based on the indications. If desired, an allergy test can be done before the procedure.

During the consult, the clinic's trichologist listens to your preferences; conducts an examination; if necessary, prescribes additional examinations and suggests the best methods for you.

Procedure effect

  • Hair structure is restored;
  • Hair loss slows down or stops after stress, hormonal disruption;
  • Hair gains a healthy look, becomes stronger and thicker;
  • Seborrhea and dandruff disappear (partially or completely);
  • Functioning of sebaceous glands is normalized;
  • Follicles receive the necessary nutrition;
  • Blood supply to the hair follicles is stimulated, which activates the growth of new viable hair.


  • Hair loss;
  • Alopecia areata and diffuse alopecia (baldness);
  • Dry skin, fragility, deterioration of hair structure;
  • Seborrhea, dandruff, itching;
  • Violation of hair growth due to an unbalanced diet, exposure to UV radiation, aggressive treatment, dyeing, bleaching, permanent wave;
  • Early gray hair;
  • Preparation for hair transplantation.


  • Keloid predisposition;
  • Diabetes mellitus at the stage of decompensation;
  • Individual intolerance to medicines;
  • Colds, autoimmune diseases;
  • Oncological diseases in acute form and stage of remission lasting less than 5 years;
  • Blood clotting disorder;
  • Pregnancy, lactation.


Procedure duration: about 40 minutes.
Recommended course: prescribed by the doctor.
Frequency: defined by the doctor.


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