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Bioremodeling with Profhilo

Procedure goal

Bioremodeling is an innovative rejuvenation method aimed at correcting the weakened skin of the face, neck, hands, inner surfaces of the shoulders and knees.

The procedure gives a quick and lasting result, improving the general condition of the skin of the face and body: increases firmness and elasticity; prevents ptosis and formation of superficial and deep wrinkles; serves to correct post-acne. After the first procedure, the skin becomes smoother and more even.

Profhilo is created using NAHYCO technology patented by IBSA. It contains ultrapure hyaluronic acid in the highest concentration without the use of chemical stabilizers, offering a level of biocompatibility.

Due to the increased fluidity of the medicine, it spreads freely through the subcutaneous tissue (which is inaccessible to traditional fillers with HA). This allows to reduce the number of injection points to 5, significantly reduce pain during the procedure, and minimize discomfort after it.

Another benefit: the high concentration of HA allows to reduce the course to only 2 procedures with an interval of 1 month. Nevertheless, the final result and the number of procedures depend on the severity of age-related signs.

Areas of bioremodeling:

  • face;
  • neck;
  • hands;
  • inner surface of the shoulder;
  • skin around the knees;

Procedure effect

You can evaluate the result of bioremodeling the very next day.

  • restoration of the normal volume of your own subcutaneous fat;
  • bleaching the skin and the appearance of a radiance effect;
  • elimination of pigment spots and leveling of the tone of the face;
  • smoothing out folds and creases;
  • lifting effect;
  • elimination of signs of age-related changes.
The final effect is observed after 4 months and lasts 8-10 months. Quite often, there is no rehabilitation period after the procedure. It is possible that small hematomas appear at the injection sites. But they disappear without further intervention within 3-5 days.


Profhilo bioremodeling is indicated for clients who have:

  • dry skin with signs of ptosis and flabbiness;
  • areas of hyperpigmentation;
  • scars, post-acne;
  • strongly pronounced age-related changes.

It is also recommended to undergo the procedure in preparation for plastic surgery and during the recovery period.


  • oncological diseases;
  • severe autoimmune pathologies;
  • infectious diseases at the acute stage;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • blood clotting disorder.


Treatment time: up to 30-40 minutes, depending on the selected areas and their number.

Frequency of procedures: once a month, two procedures in total.


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