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Genetic testing

Procedure goal

Genetic testing is carried out as follows: The patient submits a sample of biomaterial—peripheral blood (from a vein) or buccal epithelium (saliva); after that, the sample is transferred to the genetic laboratory. In the laboratory, DNA is isolated from the biomaterial, then its primary structure is investigated by such methods as RT-PCR, PCR, analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphism, sequencing, etc. Primary sequence data is bioinformatically analyzed and studied by a specialist. The laboratory provides detailed results on the genetic risks of developing dozens of diseases, detailed recommendations for correcting nutrition, lifestyle and training process, data on the individual tolerance of medicinal products, etc.

Procedure effect

Upon completion of testing, the patient receives an individual genetic passport containing comprehensive information about the characteristics of their heredity, along with recommendations and detailed interpretation of the data. Explanation of the test results is carried out by a geneticist at an in-person consult.


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